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Super Treasure Hunt Logo
Super Treasure Hunt Logo

Want to get your kids off the screens and using their brains?

Super Treasure Hunt and Instant Detective Game get kids thinking, running around, and problem solving together as they try to find the treasure or solve the crime. Great for birthday parties, family gatherings, after school or rainy days. Just enter some basic information to customize your game, then print everything out. Kids never touch the computer - and they won't miss it for a second!

Invented by a Dad who wanted smart, fun games and activities that didn't involve his kids staring at a screen.  Super Treasure Hunt and Instant Detective Game make it easy for you to get kids moving around, problem solving and interacting with both the world and each other.


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Over 400 Birthdays!

The kids got right into the treasure hunt and basically had a great time until they got the treasure chest open. It really was awesome to watch.

Jenn Tweedy - Vermont

It really worked great! They all said it was the best birthday party ever.

Jeff Duocette - Harvard, MA

We did the Super Treasure Hunt for my son's birthday party, with 8 11-year olds. We broke the kids into 2 teams and they raced to do it. So much fun!

Mary - Denver, Colorado

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